Welcome to Insight Network

Welcome to our new website, designed around our name, Insight Network, and our new logo. Insight Network (a Swiss Verein) is a non-profit organisation, with offices in Spain. Spain has the most advanced policy supporting angel investments networks (visible market size) in Europe. The organisation provides its associates insight and advice regarding the financial sector. It promotes economic, commercial and scientific contacts between governmental and non-governmental organisations and companies. Since building and maintaining financial wealth is an ever-changing and dynamic process, Insight Network assists its associates in obtaining the necessary knowledge and insight. Also, the organisation guides a wide variety of experts to their entrepreneurial future. Doing so by linking entrepreneurial experts to a suitable investor, carefully selected from the associates in our network. The service that we provide for entrepreneurs is free of charge.

Associates of the  Insight Network include business executives, middle managers, politicians, industry consultants, lobbyists, lawyers, accountants, scientists, doctors and professors. Insight Network delivers its associates the building blocks of a sound financial plan, and makes sure they are fully utilizing the latest planning concepts and vehicles. Careful planning and continuous monitoring of financial decisions are essential in accumulating wealth and achieving their financial goals.

Insight Network has a sustained record of creativity and impact. Insight Network helps entrepreneurs navigate in this uncertain environment and define strategies and priorities in a new banking era. The organization works with a diverse set of banking and non-banking institutions. Our work encompasses overall strategies for its associates; organizational issues; performance improvement and mergers and alliances. The organization searches for unused potential and shows its associates opportunities to optimize their company or project.

Insight Network is also offering office hours to entrepreneurial experts who are interested in its services. Book one-on-one time with an experienced IN mentor or associate who can give you the insider advice and strategic insight that you need to fine-tune your startup idea and business plan. 

Depending on the situation, Insight Network brings in services from its corporate experts, e.g. in the fields of marketing, finance and business consultancy. Making use of these services as tools to clarify questions such as how to find funding, how to expand a business, how to organize marketing activities, how best to manage assets, and how to set up an investment fund aimed at attracting (angel) investors for the company or project.